“Nostalgia is a seductive liar.” – George Ball

This week I wanted to showcase some vehicles that are both nostalgic and unusual.  I have never posted about trucks before, but they reminded me of a time when style and function met in a very beautiful way.  Many of the vehicles featured have modern counterparts, but none have the panache and ingenuity of these classics.

thumb-1324148218554-white_divco_hdr From a simple bus that carried passengers around Yellowstone National Park, to a standard dump truck, the modern equivalents lack the character and style of the classics.  Partly due to the period of automotive design at the time, and partly due to the desire to set the industry or company apart from the competition, these vehicles remain some of the most beautiful trucks I have seen.   This world would be a more interesting place if truck design continued providing us with functional, but astounding design.1930sCokeVehicle



Most interesting of the group is the streamliners, popular during the art deco era.  These are not only beautiful, but provided improved efficiency for the owners.  Today, many trucks are streamlined, but they lack the fashion sense of the original models.  In no particular order, here then is a grouping of some of my favorite models. DSC_8499_zpsjmldae5ugood humor truckgrocery truck model ahearsehv-trucks-knoxville-trolleyIce Truckoil truckpharmacy truckStreamlined wreckerfruits and vegetablespaddy_7LabattsBeerTruck01e7320031aae74b99c3161e896705817774cb0442305580405dccbb926ebb36

Article Courtesy of Chris Raymond

Photos courtesy of ebay.com, pinterest.com, blog.hemmings.com, forums.aaca.org, bringatrailer.com, timbren.com, Google Images