If I said to you “I will give you one car, free of charge, as long as its value is less than one million dollars” which one would you choose?  This hypothetical question was asked of me recently, and it took a while for me to think of an answer.  There was only one catch, and that was that I could not take the car and sell it for money, I had to drive it as my only car.

Quickly, I made my list, and then eliminated most brands to focus on something exotic.  I brought the list down to my five top favorites, which included the Ford GT, Morgan Aeromax, Spyker C8 Aileron, Bugatti   Veyron, and Pagani Zonda.  I decided to leave out some of my other favorites, which included the Ferrari Enzo and Caparo T1, due to maintenance issues.  The five I had chosen would be trouble enough.

Out of the five cars, the order is simple, with the Bugatti taking first place, then the Spyker, the Morgan, the Ford and finally the Pagani.  I assume I will not get a chance to own any of these cars in real life, so in a hypothetical situation, I had to make a grab for the brass ring, and chose the Veyron.

The Bugatti Veyron is the most technologically advanced car of all time.  Everything about the Veyron is massive.  It boasts 1001horses, which is equal to 10 Mazda 2’s.  It has 16 cylinders, 4 turbos, and 10 radiators, all of which can push it to 253 miles per hour (which it is limited to due to tire wear).  The brakes are the size of an entire Ford Focus wheel, and the car can jump to 60mph in less than one sixth of the time it took you to read this sentence (seriously, read it over and think about it).  However, the Veyron has a flaw that I forgot about.  It costs 1.7 million dollars, and therefore, it was out of the running.  Goodbye, my dream car.

That leaves me with the Spyker C8 Aileron.  This is the latest car from Spyker, the car company from Holland that recently acquired Saab.  The Aileron is the latest version of the C8, which originally came out as the Laviolette.  That car was a tribute to the propeller age of flight, and a nod to the original Spyker company history of manufacturing great aircraft.  The new car, the Aileron, is a tribute to the turbine age, and almost everything on the car reflects that era.

Without going into too much detail, let me just say that the Spyker is not as fast as a Ferrari or Lamborghini, though it is light and has over 400 horses.  It is not a track car made to handle like a Porsche, though its suspension is from Lotus.  This is a piece of automotive jewelry, like a blinged out Rolex.  It has all the required kibbles and bits to be a great sports GT car, as well as enough polished aluminum to make “Fitty Cents” smile.

I will let the experts rate the car for you with these two videos, which I seriously hope you watch.  Suffice to say that one look at the exposed gearshift was enough to sell me.  One look at the pedal box, in all its magnificent aluminum glory was enough to sell me.  One look at the frameless windshield of the convertible was enough to sell me.  There are just so many items on this one car that by themselves would make me buy it.  It has everything, all in one gorgeous package, and the quality of the materials are in a class by itself.

The dashboard alone is a thing of beauty, with a red fighter-jet toggle switch for the engine, and handcrafted aluminum switches.  In fact, everything inside the car is aluminum, glass, or leather.  It costs a reasonable 200,000 dollars, so I would not be taking advantage of the person making the gift.  For that money, I could have a Lamborghini Gallardo, and be just another boring sheep, or I could get a car that is as different and rare as I am (or think I am).

Did I make the right choice?  You tell me, since I am now asking the same question of you.  “I will give you one car, free of charge, as long as its value is less than one million dollars, and you can’t sell it.” Which one would you choose?  Please remember that this is hypothetical, and I am not about to buy anyone a real car.  Seriously, make a comment here, or on my Facebook page, and tell me what you would choose.  I will write another post with the results.

Article courtesy of Chris Raymond
Photos courtesy of Spyker Cars, Bugatti, s4.images.drive.ru, netcarshow.com, and Google Images