“Wet Ass” would seem like a strange name for a new car accessory business, but when the owner of Wet Okole became frustrated with what his wet dogs were doing to his car interior, he thought Okole, the Hawaiian translation would be perfect.  With that out of the way, he set out to create the best seat covers available on the market.  The result is Wet Okole, a custom fitted neoprene cover designed to be waterproof, durable and stylish.

Established in Hawaii, before expanding into the mainland, Wet Okole seats are made from the same material used in wetsuits.

Seat Covers arrive

According to the manufacturer:  Wet Okole covers bottom and back are bonded to half inch thick foam for added comfort and protection. Our boxing neoprene is laminated with nylon on both sides, making it twice as strong. No rubber touches your seat material which is especially important with leather or vinyl seats.

We offer color combinations to match virtually all car interiors. They are easy to install and use high quality quick connect fasteners and Velcro.

Before installation, the seats were destroyed

Our car seat covers are 100% waterproof and fit your seats like a glove. They are hand tailored to fit the seats on each make and model, so you can expect a perfect fit. You will not see wrinkling, looseness or bunching. They will accommodate to the specific features of your seats including head rests, arm rests, switches for power adjustment and lumbar support, and seat-mounted air bags. We manufacture all of our products in the USA using the finest materials.

DO NOT risk yourself or your family with flammable, un-safe, imitation, copycat neoprene seat covers. For the ultimate in protection; while driving in comfort. There is no substitute!  From optional rear pockets, seat heaters, sunglasses pouches, Gun Totes, lumbar support to euro-style piping and sewn in dog leashes. Made for you, for your vehicle in the colors of your choice.

Installed – What a difference!

We are so confident in the quality of our car seat covers that we will repair our products for you and even offer free installation (SoCal/Hawaii). Ask the competition if they will do that! There is a reason Wet Okole continues to be the leader in the industry.

A little aloha, with A LOT of Protection

The extras included with the kit – to keep the seats looking new

I was offered a set of Wet Okole seat covers for my 2007 Mazda Miata.  After checking the website, I ordered a set of front seats, trimmed in black and burnt orange neoprene.  I was offered a selection of options, like map and glasses pouches, rear pockets and even a sewn in dog leash (a great idea), but selected only the base two color without the contrasting trim.  After a short wait, they were in my hands waiting to be installed.

My first impression of the seats was that they were of superior quality.  Everything from the boxing, packaging, directions, marketing material and extras, to the covers themselves was impressive.  The seats are padded, something I did not expect.  The neoprene was different from what I anticipated, and did not have the plastic feeling, instead the feel was softer, much richer than I expected.  These were not the standard covers you put on as a last ditch effort to hide bad upholstery…these were as good as the original upholstery, and I can see people choosing this material over the original in many cases.  They looked more expensive and more factory than many factory seats.  Included in the box was a tool to assist with installation, and bottles of concentrated shampoo, odor eliminator and UV protectant.  It had everything I needed to enjoy these seat covers for the full life of the car.

Another example on a Mazda Miata NC

Installation was slightly more complicated than I expected, but it was by choice.  My Miata is a small car, and I wanted to take extra care to perform a professional install.  I decided to loosen the seats, basically by loosening 4 bolts.  This allowed me enough room to reach into the back, and underneath to install the seats as professionally as I could.  In a matter of minutes, the seats were in, and looked amazing.  It does take some pulling of the material to fit properly, but the web straps provided pulled the covers tight over the originals.  In less than 15 minutes, both sides were done.

The result was really amazing.  Not only are these the best quality seat covers I have ever owned, the fit on the factory seats is excellent.  My Miata has a strange head rest as part of the seat, yet the covers fit perfectly.  In fact, the seats have side impact air bags, which I was not aware of, and the seat covers have an open seam down the side hidden by Velcro to accommodate.  Even the area around the seat belt at the top of the seat is accommodated.  In all, the covers are perfectly measured.  There is no wrinkling, no bunching up of the material, no sliding around when you sit on them.  They are almost as if I had the originals reupholstered.

My overall impression of the seats is that they are absolutely the best covers on the market.  On a scale of 1 to 5, they get a full 5 stars.  Over the period of a week, sitting on them was more comfortable than the originals due in part to the padding, and the look has transformed my car.  In addition, where the leather original seats would scrape and become ripped due to my dog, these seats show no sign of wear after she gets out.  For my convertible, they are the perfect solution.

Wet Okole seat covers custom fit for Jeep

Wet Okole has been amazing during this whole process.  They provided me with outstanding quality seats, custom fit to my specific car, that will last years and provide me with protection and style.  I highly recommend you get a set.

Photos Courtesy of Chris Raymond and Wet Okole.  Article courtesy of Chris Raymond