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 Three Great Reasons to Start Your Car Search Online


Remember those times when your only hope of finding a car was heading down to the local dealership hoping that they would have something suitable? The chances of stumbling across the ideal car were, at best risky; but nowadays all that has changed with the rise of the internet. Hurrah! Now you have a host of cars across the web and in fact the world, all within our grasp. Now, even if you are lucky enough to live with large dealerships or car supermarkets on your doorstep you should still start your car search online. And to make sure you have all the information before jumping in we have outlined a few key tasks for homework:

The Searcher Games


The used car market, especially in the UK, is booming with millions of pounds worth of cars changing hands every week. This interest has led to car supermarkets and dealers, like Motorpoint in Birmingham, ploughing resources into their websites to enable customers to search their options easily. Buyers can refine their search criteria and whittle down the results to only show vehicles that are within their budget and suit their lifestyle. Dealership websites have grown to not only let you search by price, but also break it down much further by things such as colour, make and model and even age or mileage. Now is the time to be specific, funnel it down or even branch out to other makes or models previously never thought of.

Flair and Compare


Most good used car websites offer user-friendly capabilities that not only allow you to search a wide array of vehicles, but also compare them against each other. The ability to rank cars side by side is not something you would have previously been able to do online in the past. Image comparing cars on paper! Think of the rainforests! Luckily savvy web designers have made it easy and you can now compare not just on simple things like price, size and performance, but also on their green credentials, economy and road tax. You can see what car is cheapest to run as well as buy. Not to mention saving your search so you can come back again and again when putting your shortlist together.

 Instant Help. Just Add Chat


One key improvement on websites nowadays is their interactive nature. Many come equipped with live chat options which enable you to speak to a member of the dealership’s sales team then and there! Motorpoint has this feature. You can discuss anything you do not understand about vehicles listed on the website without running up a phone bill or leaving the house! Better still, they will be able to book in a test drive, find out about finance options and see what you could be looking at as a part-exchange price to trade in to make your deal cheaper, all online!


Online shopping is so popular in today’s fast pace rat race and even though you would not buy a car online without seeing it up close and personal (please do the checks too) you can at least start your researching crusade there. Those cheesy “Your dream car is just a click away” slogans are starting to click (get it? Click?)


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