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Layla – The Boat Tail Riviera

I tried to give you consolation…When your old man had let you down. Like a fool, I fell in love with you, Turned my whole world upside down. – Eric Clapton

Pagani Huayra

Pagani, the pantomime horse of supercar manufacturers has done it again. It has built a machine that pushes the boundaries of what a supercar can be.

New McLaren MP4-12C

Looking for a way to spend that Wall Street bonus money? No? Well you’ve ruined my intro. Okay, let’s say you are. You’re in luck, because McLaren is making a new car. For about $244,000, you can be one of the gilded one-percenters to own the new McLaren MP4-12C.

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  • 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQV: Who Needs an Electric Luxury Van? August 20, 2019
    It would appear that nobody notified Mercedes-Benz that the minivan segment is shrinking faster than male genitals dunked into icy water. Fortunately, while large MPV sales similarly dwindled in Europe by around 30 percent last year, there may be enough positive heat on vans and electric vehicles leftover for the manufacturer to try and bundle both […]
    Matt Posky
  • UAW Corruption Probe Targets Union’s GM Department, Turns up a Warehouse of Watches August 20, 2019
    There are so many accused and convicted players in the United Auto Workers corruption scandal, it would make for confusing viewing were it made into a film. Already, federal prosecutors have fingered or convicted numerous high-ranking UAW officials tied to the Fiat Chrysler file. Now, investigators are moving on to General Motors. Apparently, not many […]
    Steph Willems
  • Rare Rides: A 1986 Alfa Romeo GTV 6 – Black and Tan August 20, 2019
    Rare Rides has featured Alfa Romeos from the Seventies (including this car’s sibling) and the Nineties, but never any from that most powdery of decades: the Eighties. That changes today, with an angular and excellently preserved GTV6. The aforementioned sibling, the Alfetta sedan, provided a foundation for the more sporty Alfetta GT. The sedan was […]
    Corey Lewis
  • Volvo’s Subscription Service May Breach California’s Franchise Law August 20, 2019
    It’s no secret that Volvo dealers aren’t keen on the factory subscription plan. Last December, the California New Car Dealers Association even asked the manufacturer to end Care By Volvo on the grounds that it was taking business away from storefronts. The automaker responded by saying the service had proven popular with consumers, attracting new […]
    Matt Posky
  • Check It: Best Blind Spot Mirrors August 20, 2019
    Make it easier to check your blind spot with one of these mirrors. The post Check It: Best Blind Spot Mirrors appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
    Matthew Guy

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