One of the most important rules in selling any car is to include great photos.  In fact, the better the photo, the more money you will get when it’s time for the cash to change hands.

Recently, on a trip through eBay Motors, I found these gems.  The cars are nice, but not very rare…but the pictures are fantastic.

This is how to sell a car…though I am pretty sure the model is not included.  One has to assume these photos are professional, since the feature pic (and probably the model) are obviously “enhanced.”

The car, if you noticed it, is a 1962 Lincoln Continental, and it recently went through a very expensive restoration.  Someone spent over 30 grand to get her into this shape.

Everything about the car seems perfect, including the blood red leather interior and contrasting black paint.  It is a fantastic example…except that I have seen it all before. Why does no one paint these cars a nice silver or something.  Every Lincoln Continental convertible does not need to be a replica of the car from “Entourage.”  Anyways, I would buy this car just because of the photos…the model is breathtaking.  Seriously, I want this on my bedroom wall.

Next up we have a beautiful 1969 Maserati Ghibli Spyder.  It’s not a real Spyder…it’s just a Coupe with the roof cut off.

Basically, a man from Delaware took a hacksaw to the car, and then charged the owner 60 grand for the privilege.  Nothing else is interesting about this car…except for the photos.

Finally we have two random shots of two random cars.  The first is a Montana class battleship…sorry, it’s really a 1976 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, though the details of the car have been removed from eBay.

The other is a 1961 Renault Jolly, celebrity owned.  Well, actually the celebrity is the founder of Armor All…which is as much a celebrity as Kim Kardashian.  The car, usually made by Fiat, is slightly rare being made by Renault.  Other than that, it has wicker chairs and no doors.   Useless.

Article courtesy of Chris Raymond
Photos courtesy of eBay Motors