Looking for a way to spend that Wall Street bonus money?  No? Well you’ve ruined my intro. Okay, let’s say you are. You’re in luck, because McLaren is making a new car.  For about $244,000, you can be one of the gilded one-percenters to own the new McLaren MP4-12C.

The MP4- 12C is the first in a line of new road cars for McLaren.  They recently started their own automotive division in hopes of offering different models and competing directly with the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini.

The car will be a carbon fiber masterpiece with a full carbon fiber chassis.  The engine is a twin turbo 3.8 liter V8 designed by McLaren with 600 horses and a 0-60 time of “under three seconds.”  That’s faster than a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and a Ferrari 458 Italia!  Top speed should be in the 200mph range with a 0-125 in less than ten seconds. At that speed, you should never be late for anything.  This is going to be a great car, with a possible roadster version coming soon.

You‘ll have to wait a while to pick up the car since most of the dealers haven’t even been chosen yet,  but when you do get it, it will be everything you expect from McLaren: speed, design, and attention to detail. Welcome to the supercar club.

Article Courtesy of Chris Raymond