With the holidays ended, I have decided to take a well deserved break from my usual posts.  One of the reason is a Christmas gift of the new Forza Horizon, which is taking up a lot of my time.  I love racing simulation games, starting out with Grand Turismo on Playstation.  The Forza series is a serious step up in my opinion, and the new “open world” version dubbed “Horizon” is even better.  The game offers the same style racing as Forza 4, but with a more open landscape, set in the beautiful state of Colorado.  As with the other Forza games, there is a design editor feature that allows you to customize the look of the car, but adding graphics and paint.  Here are just a few of the cars in my garage:

I love this car.  It is the old style Challenger, and I updated to reflect the Chris on Cars logo and website colors.  It is available for upload, and surprisingly there have been a few takers. 


BMW Art Cars are another favorite, and this is a pretty good job of recreating the original. 


This is a Pontiac GTO Judge.  I was never a fan of the 1970’s style decals, and decided to update the look to something more modern.


Another car that was hard to update.  This older Datsun is sporting a racing style design a’ la Marlboro racing livery.


This Aston Martin One-77 is one of my favorites.  The white on silver paint scheme is accented by some tribal work on the front and sides.  One cool car.


What do you do with a Land Rover Discovery?  I didn’t see any UN cars in the marketplace, so decided this was a great option for this SUV.


Ferrari F50.  Not my design, but makes the car look fantastic.  The attention to detail on the Blancpain racing livery is outstanding.


This little Fiat 500 is pretty cute with standard Alitalia livery. 


The GMC van is a replica of a Civil Air Patrol van I used to drive.  In real life I rolled it in a curve and almost killed myself. 


This little Citroen is done up in Chris on Cars colors.  Not only is this a great car, but in real life it is a favorite among the tuners in Europe.


The icon of the 1960’s, the Jaguar XKE is reborn as this Eagle GT.  In real life this is a $500K car.  Here in the game I can afford to own it, and have updated it with simple highlights on the exposed fenders.


The Cadillac Escalade is perfect for a fire rescue vehicle, though I am considering redoing it in black with Presidential seals. 


This Audi is one of the few sedans in Forza Horizon, so it was a natual for the Italian police livery.  Of course the Carabinieri would never use a German sedan, but it will have to do until a Alfa sedan is available.


The Jaguar E type coupe is one great car.  Outfitting it in gold and black livery looks pretty cool in the back roads of Colorado.


This Lambroghini Aventador took a long time for me to finish.  I tried to get a shark like appearance, and this is about as close as I could get.  Surprisingly, this is not as popular as I expected among the design buying Forza fans.


Police cars are a big hit in the Forza Horizon marketplace.  I started with a standard black and white car, and then added in this replica of the Massachusetts State Police.  All it needs now is some working lights and a siren.


This Chevrolet Corvette is based on a WWII bomber design.  I especially like the rivets in the aluminum bodywork. 


This Lancia is another design that I purchased.  It is a replica of a rally car, and the attention to detail is pretty amazing.


Forza Horizon is one of the best racing simulators out there, and I am addicted to the design studio.  If anyone is interested in trading designs, or looking me up, my username is roadster2005.  Hope to see you on the roads soon.

Article Courtesy of Chris Raymond

Photos Courtesy of Chris Raymond