Let’s play a game. I’ll give you ten facts about a car and you tell me the name and make of the car. Ready? Here we go.

This car…

  1. Is one of the most popular cars of all time with over 22 million produced and a life span of over 75 years.
  2. Was the brainchild of, and named by, Adolph Hitler.
  3. Was designed by one of the most respected names in sports car history, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche.
  4. Starred in over 270 movies and television shows.
  5. Was the subject of one of the most famous advertising campaigns in history.
  6. Is the fourth most influential car in automobile history
  7. Is the godfather of the current art car trend.
  8. Is known by over 100 different names throughout the world.
  9. Has an engine that is also used in airplanes, opal mines, zambonis,  morotcycles and sawmills.
  10. Is a drag racer, funny car, formula vee car, rally racer, and Baja racer.

If you haven’t figured it out, it’s the Dodge Stratus!  No, just kidding. It’s the Volkswagen Beetle.  The Beetle is an icon and a favorite of hippies everywhere, and now there’s talk of a new one in 2011.  But before you bust out your Allman Brothers 8-tracks and your QP of dank kind bud, you should know that the new Beetle will look and feel  much different, with a flatter roofline and possibly a hatchback.  They’re also considering producing two different versions – one on the Golf chassis, and the other on the tiny VW Up! chassis.  All that being said, the Beetle is Volkswagen, for better or worse, and I hope they treat the little car with the respect it deserves.

Article Courtesy of Chris Raymond