Mazda is in the middle of its “Claim Your Mazda” sales drive and is trying to get buyers in the door.  When those buyers arrive, they’re going to be greeted by some seriously unappealing cars.  Take a look at the new Mazda 3, for example. It’s got a face like a maniacal clown.  The grille is upturned into a hideous smile that looks way too big for the nose. It’s uglier and more offensive than an Arkansas Tea Party rally.

It’s true that the Mazda 3 is a fantastically fun car for the money. It’s also true that I own a Mazda. But after seeing the latest ad campaign I doubt I’ll be buying one again. See, I just can’t get past the fact that somewhere in Mazda, there’s an executive that’s proud of that damn clown car.

Article Courtesy of Chris Raymond