You’ve probably heard by now that Mazda is building 20th Anniversary editions of the MX-5 Miata.  The first edition in blue was launched at the Geneva show and aimed at the European market, the second in white was aimed at the UK, and the most recent, a Black and Matte edition, is being aimed at the Japan market.  What I haven’t seen is a US edition.  Does Mazda hate America?

The short answer: Yes, and we should carpet bomb their headquarters immediately. The longer answer is a bit more complicated. It seems that times are tough for the Miata here in the US. With executives calling it a “second car” and a “self indulgent vehicle,” and with the US economy still in the toilet, the outlook is grim for the affable little speedster.

But I love the Miata.  I own a 2007 Copper Red Grand Touring Edition with an orange/tan leather interior and consider it one of the best cars I’ve ever bought.  It reminds me of my MGB Roadster, but without the electrical and mechanical problems and snickers from teenagers.  Granted, mine could use a better sound system (as I don’t have head-rest mounted speakers), you can’t carry anything larger than a scarf, and the ride can be a little rough, especially  when you’re going 110 mph down a pot-hole infested side street.   But I really like the car and bought it at the middle of the economic collapse.

Americans have bought a ton of these cars and I think the US market deserves a nice little Anniversary edition.  I hope it won’t be as tacky as the UK version or as odd as the Japan version, but it would be a nice gesture.  I recommend a bright blue or red model with white leather seats, American flag logos, and “Don’t Tread on Me” spray painted on the doors.

Article Courtesy of Chris Raymond