I am going to say something I thought I would never say in my entire life, and something I assumed no one on the face of the earth would ever say again:  “I am excited about Chrysler’s future.”

These days, most Americans know Chrysler as the car company that files for bankruptcy every few years and may or may not still be in existence.   For the past three decades, their cars have been a bizarre combination of crap and brilliance.  I liked the Viper, the 300 and the Magnum wagon.  I even thought the Prowler was kind of cool the first time I saw it. But everything else was garbage.  Even Jeep, which was always a great brand, was ruined by Chrysler’s diet of pure fat and cheap parts.

But now a very strange thing is happening:  Chrysler, which made crappy cars, has joined with Fiat, which also made crappy cars, and the result could be some really amazing vehicles.  Fiat has spent a lot of time and money developing some great little cars, including the 500, which has gone from a quirky little Italian roller-skate to sexy European status symbol.

There is also talk that we may see the Grande Punto, Bravo, Linea and yes, dear reader, the Alfa Romeo.  Anyone who is a gearhead knows you must own at least one Alfa in your lifetime. And one more thing:  Fiat owns Lancia. Think of the possibilities.

Fiat has plans to change the way we think of Chrysler and has the muscle to actually pull it off.  Imagine all those beautiful engines making sweet noise on your local streets.  Newark would be transformed into Modena, Des Moines would look like Milan, Oakland will become Turin and beautiful people would glide gracefully past your house wearing scarves and dark glasses.  Chrysler has been reborn before, but this would be an Italian renaissance.

Article courtesy of Chris Raymond