GM is either about to do something great, or one of the dumbest things I can imagine.  GM is making a change in the way they conduct test drives in a few key cities.  Buyers in Chicago, Philly, LA and Miami will be taken on a ride in a new Malibu, Equinox and Traverse and then given the chance to test cars from Ford, Toyota, Honda and others.

Now, I know the Malibu is a really nice car, but how will it fare when compared to a new Honda?  Plus the buyers can take their time trying other brands.  I think this is just going to create an opportunity for a better salesman to grab a sale.

GM is a company with a long tradition of bad quality products, terrible management and bankruptcy.  They have a lot of hurdles to overcome from the start, and giving people the opportunity to test drive the competition may not be a very smart idea.  But wait, they have an ace up their sleeve…GM plans on drawing attention to this program by using pop-ups on certain websites.  That’s right, pop-ups like in children’s books.  Who said things would never change in Detroit.

Article Courtesy of Chris Raymond