It’s Hard to Improve on Perfection but Ford Just Did It – Again!

Year after year Ford’s F Series Trucks have been one of America’s bestselling trucks and again this year, the 2017 Ford F250 Super Duty XL tops the charts. The F-Series has always been considered to be the perfect truck in both function and style, and again this year, Ford shows that it really is possible to improve on perfection. They’ve done it again!


Ford F250 Super Duty XL

Almost 40 Years of Perfection to Be Exact

Most vehicles don’t even make it a decade before they are discontinued and rendered obsolete. For this reason, the fact that Ford’s F-Series trucks have lasted an amazing four decades on the market, since January of 1948, is one for the history books. In fact, not only has the F-Series been one of the longest running series ever but for the entire time, this amazingly versatile truck has been a chart topper. Once you’ve had a chance to see and drive the all-new 2017 Ford F250 you’ll see that the improvements are what keeps this model at the top of the industry.


Strong & Capable – Yet Highly Maneuverable

If the F-Series trucks are considered to be the iconic workhorse of pickup trucks, then the 2017 F250 Super Duty is the holder of the blue ribbon. This is the truck that can withstand the rigors of literally any job and as for maneuverability, it has it over all other trucks of its category from literally any manufacturer around the globe. In fact, without mentioning names, the other truck put out by Ford’s leading competition in the U.S.A. is said to be ‘okay’ but lacks the maneuverability that is so well-loved in the F-Series trucks.


Notably Tech Savvy

In keeping with the times, Ford has installed just enough technology to satisfy even the techiest of car lovers looking for a truck that will haul a load but will also offer a system that shows a graphic display when backing in reverse, guidelines to indicate steering and an 8 inch screen upon which to watch while maneuvering into tight parking spaces so that it can be done quickly and efficiently without endless goes at fitting a trailer into a tight spot. The 2017 Ford F250 also has an overlay on the graphic of the steering wheel so that arrows show where you are backing up and which direction you need to turn those wheels. It’s the next best thing to a fully autonomous vehicle and that, alone, is a compelling reason to keep this truck at the head of the class.


Ford, being the epitome of American made vehicles, has done it yet again. There are so many features on this one Super Duty truck to make it worth taking the time to take a test drive. The F-Series trucks just keep getting better by the year as features that were great last year are kept while new, improved features are added year-after-year. For a truck with all the diesel power you could want in a truck of this category and technology of the future, you just won’t get more for your money anywhere – and that’s a promise.

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