Classic cars represent something of an anomaly in the automotive industry, and not just because of their unique design features and fascinating history. Classic cars also offer motorists and collectors a unique opportunity to purchase a vehicle that acquires value over time, which is extremely rare when you consider the pace of technological advancement within the marketplace. Typically, standard vehicles begin to lose their value from the moment that they are purchased, as the costs of ownership, long term wear and market shifts drive down any potential resale price.


Interestingly, there are several online resources that can provide you with access to a range of classic vehicles, with being one of the most prominent. Buying classic cars from this type of resource may help you to maximize your initial investment, as the vehicles in question are likely to be more affordable and open to negotiation. Here are some great classic cars that were found on the website during a recent search:

4-morris minor

The Alvis TE21 Drophead Coupe Convertible 1965: Finished in stunning Mason black and boasting a contrasting cream hide, this stunning 1965 model was recently available online for a list price of £74,950. A convertible, it was shown to be in excellent condition despite its long and diverse service history. Well presented, picturesque and an absolute pleasure to drive, it represents an outstanding investment opportunity whether you are looking to make a statement or a considerable profit through resale.


The Rolls Royce Shadow 4DR 1968:  Despite being a 1968 model, this Rolls Royce Shadow boasts just 107,000 thousand miles on the clock and is listed in outstanding condition. Supported by a full service history and comprehensive paper trial, this automatic car offers both style and reliability to classic vehicle enthusiasts. It was available for a bargain price of just £7,250, which is at the lower end of the average for high quality cars of this type.

8-silver shadow

Jaguar S-Type 1966:  This stunning example is presented in metallic red with red leather.  A charming old Jaguar produced in the year when England won the World Cup.  Walnut dashboard and original leather together with that wonderful smell takes you back to 1966.  Smartly priced at £10,995.

 7-jag s type

The Riley 1.5 Litre Saloon 1949: A genuine throwback one of the older cars listed on the Exchange and Mart website, the Riley 1.4 Litre Saloon comes equipped with full leather interior and a surprisingly short service history. Available at £7,750 and with just 46,000 thousand miles on the clock, this manual transmission vehicle is a must for serious collections or those with a penchant for nostalgia. With the classic cream over conker brown color scheme, it is a vehicle that allows the owner to express a distinct individual style.


Rolls Royce Cloud series 1 Saloon 1959: Rolls-Royce is the best represented classic brand on the Exchange and Mart website, with several models available to consumers. The Silver Cloud Series 1 saloon comes in a classic black with superior tan interior and automatic transmission. It has 96,000 miles on the clock and a full service history behind it, which should peace of mind for any potential buyer.

5-rolls 59

The Bottom Line – These cars are just a select few from those on the website, but they showcase the potential for finding affordable classic cars online. The online medium certainly provides an interesting option for consumers and classic car enthusiasts in the modern age, regardless of whether you are buying for recreational or investment purposes.