Today, I decided to add some pictures I found while cruising the web.  Some of these are from new sites, so if you have the chance, I recommend checking them out.  This first group is from the site which has a lot of great photos, including this one of the McLaren.

Here are some shots of my favorite car in the world, the one I would have picked in my post “Which Car Would You Choose.”  This is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport, the fastest car in the world.  This car is just awesome!  Photos are from a great site called Cool Cars and Girls.  If you are looking for some great car photos, this is the one to check out.

Here is a design sketch for a Volvo P1800, one of the prettiest cars from the 1960’s.  This car was designed by Mattias Vöcks, a Swedish man who spends most of his time hand assembling supercars for Koenigsegg.  The design makes the car lower, cleaner, and more refined than the original.  If I had the skill and money, I would make this car myself…it is beautiful.  I think it proves that the original design was ahead of it’s time, and that it could still be competitive in today’s marketplace.  Photos courtesy of

This next photo is from Luxury Launches, and it announces the debut of a new car called the 20 Spada Codatroncadue.  I have no idea if I read that right, or what in hell they are talking about.  It may even be in some different language.  Whatever, it is pretty and deserved a look.  From what I can learn on the interweb, the car is from an Italian design house called Spada Concept, who worked with a company called UK Garage.  There are plans to build the car, which is based on the Chevrolet Corvette.

Here are some more photos from Cool Cars and Girls, which include the Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept, a KTM X-Bow, and the Lamborghini Ankonian Concept.  Check out this site for a huge library of cool car pictures.

Here is a very pretty Ferrari F60 Enzo, all done up in black.  Below it is a very ugly Ferrari F60 Enzo, all done up in sea foam green.  If you had to choose which one to keep, I am betting it would be the black one.  If anyone knows who the owner of the green car is, please let me know so we can have him tortured.

Finally, here are two pictures I thought would be interesting.  The first is a Santa Maria, California police car, after it hit a tree.  Officer Damon Badnell survived the wreck with just a few broken bones, but as you can see from the vehicle, the crash was horrific. Photo is courtesy of Jalopnik.

This second photo is of a 1936 Henderson motorcycle I found while cruising the web.  Check out my friend at Just a Car Guy, for some more pictures of the bike.  The art deco styling is fantastic, and i love the way it appears to be floating.  On a side note, Just a Car Guy has some of the best stuff on the web.  I am pretty sure he has a whole factory of Guinea pigs, all forced into indentured servitude, just scouring the web for great photos and articles.  I spent a few days going through all 14.7 trillion posts, and each one was amazing.  Check out his site, I guarantee it will be worth your time…and send him a note to release the poor Guinea pigs.

Article by Chris Raymond