Take a look at the photo below, and see if you can fathom the amount of cars sitting there on that British runway.

Shown are more than 14,000 cars waiting to be destroyed as part of the British version of “Cash for Clunkers”.   According to the Daily Mail Online, these cars are only a small part of the 400,000 being scrapped as part of a 28 million pound government program which gives owners 2,000 pounds back on the purchase of a new car.

Now take a closer look, and you will see newer Land Rover, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes cars in the mix all waiting for the end to come.  Like the American version, the Cash for Clunkers rule there requires that all these cars be scrapped, recycled and have their “shells crushed”.  Not one of these vehicles can be used again.  As a car guy, it bothers me to know that all these beautiful cars go to waste.  I can only imagine how many low income families would have loved a donated car for their use, or how much fun we could have had trashing them around the same runway.  What a waste.

Source: Daily Mail Online

Article Courtesy of Chris Raymond