About Chris On Cars

I am a gearhead.  I am one of those people who will spend hours reading or talking about the most inane aspects of cars, the guy whose idea of fun is a Sunday car show, and the guy who can’t take an off ramp at a speed of less than 60 mph. 

I am a car nut.

I have an appreciation for cars that most people seem to lack.  I know that the shape of a car can be rolling art, that the mechanics can be as inspiring and complicated as a Chopard watch.  I take inspiration from design, and consider all great designs a form of art.  I choose not to drive through life in a beige Toyota, but instead in a V12 Jaguar, screaming at the other people of the world: “Wake up. Why are you boring?”

I think plastic is for soda bottles and not a car interior, and rubber is for something else entirely.  Give me a car swathed in leather and burled walnut, throw in a brutal V12 engine, and then give it a body like Salma Hayek reclining on a chaise…then my life will be complete.  I want something more than ordinary, something exciting.

This is my site, and I love it.  I was sick of those boring “news” automotive sites that tell me how to buy a cheaper Prius, or the ones that show me the same Ferrari repeatedly.  I wanted to make a site with the best photos, of the most beautiful cars from around the web – sprinkled with some thought, intelligence, and wit.

I hope you enjoy this site and you and I have a great time talking about cars.  It’s okay you know, cars aren’t just transportation – not if you know better.

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