I wanted to include an update into a new project I recently purchased.  The vehicle is technically a 1978 MGB, but in reality it is something completely different.  Labeled as a 1965 Lambert MGB, the car is a customized 1978 MGB, with almost every nut and bolt touched by a team of father and son builders.  Everything on this car was repaired, replaced, modified, improved, cleaned or just checked.  Areas like the interior, dashboard, grill and gas cap were highly modified.  The engine was completely torn down and modified, then repainted in the correct MGB/Abingdon maroon, with the correct head plates.  The amount of work done on this one car is astounding.

The gallery below will show a massive 8+ year effort to build one amazing roadster.  It shows work on the transmission, clutch, bumpers, grill, metalwork, floor pans, body work, rot repair, brakes, rotors, interior, floors, inner sill repair, fender repair, removal of the MG bump from the hood, brake booster and pedal assembly, dashboard, windshield, installation of the new Moss Motors roof with zip out rear window, addition of the knock off wire wheels, custom body work for the rear fenders, removal of the side chrome trim, moving of the gas fill to the side, removal of small back up lights, fitting the new chrome bumpers and filler pieces, removal of the front

side marker lights, fitting of 65 rear lights, fitting of 65 doors, adding  cowl vent, new distributor with points, a new custom made machine turned aluminum dashboard that looks like it’s out of a Duesenberg, a new custom made Bakelite Banjo style steering wheel which makes it feel like a Mercedes 300 SL, A new center steering wheel cap with the Lambert Motor Company logo, custom switches and pulls made from bakelight etched by hand, a custom directional indicator on dash with hand etched “L”, new tires, new custom made interior, new custom made door panels and rear tonneau, a heater control from a 1940’s Ford, a custom made speaker, addition of Bluetooth and charging, addition of a temperature gauge, stereo from a 1970’s Ford pickup, custom door handles to resemble 1965 version, addition of a Weber downdraft side carb, rear wheel cylinders, shoes and parking break, port and polishing the head, intakes, pistons, valves, camshaft, springs, new gas tank, new tie rods, adjust the rack, u joint.  And this is the short list.

As you can see, this car was a spectacular deal, and a project that desperately needs to be finished to a very high standard.