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A new era in automotive design is slipping by unnoticed. In a world where our technology changes on a daily basis, consumers and journalists alike have come to treat all advancements as ordinary.

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  • Elon Musk: I’m Not Sure What *You* Think ‘Pedo’ Means, But… September 16, 2019
    Man, it never ends. Removed from the many, many issues at play both inside and outside Tesla’s Palo Alto HQ, a lawsuit sparked by a childish spat between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and a British cave diver still hangs over Musk’s head. If you don’t recall the ridiculous episode, Vernon Unsworth, who was instrumental in […]
    Steph Willems
  • Four Becomes Two: California Will Now Fund Your Transition From Car to Bike September 16, 2019
    California wants that ’84 Olds Eighty-Eight gone, stat. In its place, a citizen of limited means can apply for disposal funding and the (partial) means of replacing it with a cleaner car, or opt instead for a transit pass or car-sharing membership. Now, the state Senate has amended earlier legislation to include more “mobility.” The Clean […]
    Steph Willems
  • BMW Says No Successor Planned for i3 Hatchback September 16, 2019
    BMW’s i3 has reached the end of its road. The manufacturer recently stated that the model will not be updated, adding that there’s no plan for a successor. Despite the oddball Bimmer serving as the technological basis for the Mini Electric slated to launch next year, the i3 is going to stick around in its […]
    Matt Posky
  • Contract Talks Restart; UAW Says GM Took Its Sweet Time Coming Up With Something Half Decent September 16, 2019
    The United Auto Workers claims General Motors waited almost literally till the eleventh hour to toss out a halfway decent offer, but by that time it was too late to bang out an agreement before an 11:59 p.m. Sunday strike deadline. As talks get underway after GM auto workers hit the streets last night, the […]
    Steph Willems
  • United States Won’t Raise Tariffs on Japanese Vehicles, Report Suggests September 16, 2019
    With Japan and the United States spending the better part of the summer discussing trade relations, there were minor fears that the island nation would become subject to new tariffs. Fortunately, most of the reporting on the matter showed negotiations to be productive, with President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe perpetually optimistic about the two […]
    Matt Posky

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