This week, I have decided to post some photos from around the net showing the snowpocalypse that is making life difficult for most of the country. – Chris Raymond

Fear and Loathing in Design

“A car designer left to his own devices will produce a 1966 GTO. A car designer under the control of a committee will produce a 2006 GTO.” – Chris Raymond

Local Car Shows

Today I decided to finally add some of the pictures I had taken at local car shows. There seems to be a show every night of the week, and the pictures are starting to pile up.


“Nostalgia is a seductive liar.” – George Ball

Bring Back Clarkson

“Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that’s what gets you.” – Jeremy Clarkson

Toad Hall Sports Car Collection

At one point Bill Putman had 58 cars in his collection. All but one of them is red and all trimmed with “Minuteman Racing” decals, it’s come down to about 40 or so now though.

Which Car Would You Choose?

“I will give you one car, free of charge, as long as its value is less than one million dollars, and you can’t sell it.” Which one would you choose?

How To Sell A Car

One of the most important rules in selling any car is to include great photos. In fact, the better the photo, the more money you will get when it’s time for the cash to change hands.

Not All Car Shows Are Fun

I once tried to describe a local car show as a place where everyone is a friend, where car people gather to share their latest projects, and where history and beauty is literally “at your fingertips.”

Curious Beauty – The Cars of Virgil Exner

“Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time.” – Jean Cocteau

Massachusetts Miracle

“And this is good old Boston, the home of the bean and the cod, where the Lowells talk only to Cabots, and the Cabots talk only to God. – John Collins Bossidy

Boston, You’re My Home

In the end, the terrorists will fail because Bostonians did not turn from their fellow men — they turned toward them. And that is the real music of mankind. – Howard Fineman

Boston Drivers are Insane!

Driving in Massachusetts is a dance with death, where cars careen across the highway at top speed, and where drivers are flailing out of windows, screaming obscenities.

Gone Baby, Gone!

Obituaries seem to be the latest fad in the auto industry. With the loss of Saturn and Hummer, the nation wept over the thought of never again buying a battle-ready SUV or being freaked out by a Stepford Wives car salesman with the free cookies.

Car Dealers Are Dinosaurs

Every car dealership has one goal, to separate you from your money. They are dinosaurs of a by gone era, and one day soon they will disappear. Imagine buy a car through your local Costco and handling all the research and paperwork over the internet.

Defending The Chevy Vega

In 30 years time, the people who bought the Chevy Vega still treat it with the respect it deserves; only the car critics still hate it.

Mustang Sadly

April 17th is the birthday of the Ford Mustang. Introduced on this date in 1964, the Pony Car has a long and varied history. To some, the car is an icon. To many others, the car is a reminder of what corporate America can do with a good idea.

Epic Untrue Failures

My friend at Just A Car Guy posted this great article that he found on another great site called Dean

Goodbye Sarah

My beautiful 1994 Jaguar XJS 4.0L Coupe is finally for sale. She went on eBay today, and I hope she will find a good family to take care of her.

Car Sites I Love

I thought it would be a great time to highlight some of the car sites that I am a fan of, and that I read almost every day. Sure, there are a ton of car sites out there, but these are unique.

More eBay Gems!

eBay constantly surprises me by the type of cars listed, whether it is a Kaiser Darrin convertible, a beautiful Facel Vega, or a 1.9 million dollar Chevrolet Corvette

Top Ten Ugly Cars of 2010

Experts were gathered from all parts of the globe, sequestered into a small cabin in northern Minnesota, without food or water, with only one task – List the “Top Ten Ugliest Cars from 2010.”

Morgan, Ugly No More!

If you know anything about strange British cars, then you have probably already heard of the Morgan. It is the only car built with ash frame rails, used right up to the 21th century…yes, real wood! Morgan has always been different.

The New People’s Car

There is a race to the bottom of the price pyramid that will affect the business every bit as much as Henry Ford’s Model T did a century ago.

Cool Stuff From the Web

Today, I decided to add some pictures I found while cruising the web. Some of these are from new sites, so if you have the chance, I recommend checking them out.

Rating the Competition

Lately, reading car sites seems as pointless as sticking up for Obama. Sure, in your heart you really want to, but the drain in actually performing the act is intolerable.

Car Design, Post Autopocalypse

Design is important to me. The image of Raymond Loewy chomping on a cigar, looking towards the future, was the picture of power and style. Car Designers became automotive stylists, and they alone decided what we would buy, and what we would covet. The resume of designers like Loewy, Bill Mitchell, Harley Earl, Elwood Engel, and Virgil Exner was a history of the country since the 1930’s. They defined who we were.

The Future of Car Design

What does the movie “Terminator 2” have in common with the future of car design? Surprisingly, a lot more than you may realize.

Stolen Mustang! Ocala, FL

STOLEN MUSTANG: Josh Klugger’s Outlaw Drag Radial Mustang was stolen this weekend from a self-storage facility in Ocala, FL on the weekend of 5/15/10. Please forward this to EVERYBODY you know. Maybe we can catch the thieves before they get a chance to dismantle it.

Greek Automakers, The Full List

Ever since that ABBA movies was filmed in Greece, I knew things would go badly. Lets take one last look at cars and Greece, before they are gone.

Eco People Hate Me

Eco people hate me. I don’t know why because I recycle, I bring my own bag to the supermarket and I rarely ever turn on the heat or anything electrical. All I know is that whenever I am at a stoplight next to someone in one of those green eco cars I get the same gesture every time.

Is Alfa Romeo Coming Here?

Alfa Romeo is back! Those are the words we need to hear from Chrysler sooner rather than later, and that one simple phrase will return a true Italian icon back to American roads.

GM’s Campaign of Half Truths

Have you seen the “New GM” TV ad in which Chairman Ed Whitacre claims that, “We have repaid our government loan in full, with interest, five years ahead of the original schedule”?

Hope For The New Chrysler

Will the combination of Chrysler and Fiat mean great things? Fiat 500’s, Alfa Romeo’s and better Chrysler’s for the USA.

My Personal Car History

I recently bought a new scanner and decided to scan pictures of every car I’ve owned and write a self- indulgent fluff piece about my personal car history. The next 30 or so pages will list every car I have owned and the reasons you should rush out to your local salvage yard and buy one. Enjoy.

Back To The Future

Do you remember daydreaming of a tomorrow in which cars would fly, food would come in pill form, everyone would live in glass bubbles, and extremely life-like female cyborgs would fulfill your every desire no matter how sick and twisted? Okay, maybe that last one was just me. Anyway, here is a great find to bring you back to the 1950’s.

GM Tests New Test Drive Program

GM is either about to do something great, or one of the dumbest things I can imagine. GM is making a change in the way they conduct test drives in a few key cities. Buyers in Chicago, Philly, LA and Miami will be taken on a ride in a new Malibu, Equinox and Traverse and then given the chance to test cars from Ford, Toyota, Honda and others.

Maybach Closing?

News that the posh Maybach line may be closing its doors soon. Sales of the car have been bad since 2007, with only 57 cars sold from November of 2009.

Boring Car Design

Cars today are ugly. Worse than that, they are boring. They have become horrible blobs with hiked up rear ends, scoopy fronts, and lots and lots of cheap plastic. They all wear the same silver or beige paint and have stances like a Rottweiler defecating.

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    Tyler Wooley
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