Previously, I have written about bad drivers, calling them boils on the face of humanity.  Today, I want to say a few things about an epic driver named Ken Block.
If you have seen him on You Tube, then you know that his videos highlight a motorsport called Gymkhana.  These are time or speed events in a car, featuring obstacles like buildings, cones, and in Ken Block’s case, a man on a Segway.  Basically, it is autocross for seriously crazy people.
Known as Kenny on the Block to Top Gear fans, this guy is awesome.  He has the ability to place his rally car anywhere he wants, no matter the speed.  The way he drifts through buildings and obstacles is phenomenal.  Whether he is dodging that man on a Segway, or snapping the tail of his car into a target, you will agree, his talents are amazing.  Check out these videos:

Speed, for lack of a better word, is good – and Ken Block drives his car like its stolen.  I have no idea how long it takes him to memorize the courses, but being spot on for every section is pretty amazing.  Granted, these are specially designed cars, but I still don’t know a single person who can drive half as well as Ken Block.
Block is a 42-year-old business mogul from Long Beach, CA.  Ken is one of the founders of DC Shoes, a brand he started with Damon Way, which specialized in sneakers for skateboarders.  Eventually, they increased the brand to include apparel and shoes for all types of sports, merging with another huge brand called Quicksilver.  Unbelievably, he has only been driving rally cars for less than 5 years.
In addition to his rally racing, Block is a professional skateboarder, snowboarder, and motocross racer.  So, the next time you start to think 42 is old, think of Ken Block.
I have always thought I was a pretty good driver…but not anymore.  Seeing someone like Ken Block makes me understand that I am an amateur.  I have driven everything from a school bus to a NASCAR Nextel Cup racecar, but drifting like this is an art form.
A study has shown that there is a specific protein called BDNF, which helps brain cells communicate and allows for better memory retention…lacking this can make you predisposed to being a bad driver.  Ken Block must be swimming in this stuff, because the amount of memory, concentration, reflexes, guts, and skill required for these stunts is incredible.  I want to drive like this.
Article courtesy of Chris Raymond

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