Aug 262015
Style and Hollywood

Only fashion fades, style remains the same – Coco Chanel
Recently I was looking at one of those celebrity car sites, and was struck by the fact that none of the people listed were famous.

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Aug 112015
The Best Car in the World

Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to own a Rolls-Royce. There was always something about the grill and mascot that made me nuts, and one day soon, I plan to make good on my promise and finally become a Rolls-Royce owner.

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Jul 122015
Alfa Male

“However…I have argued many times that owning an Alfa is a portal through with all petrol heads must pass if they genuinely want to know what it is that differentiates a car from a toaster or a washing machine.”

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May 282015
Local Car Shows II

This is going to be a long weekend for me, so I decided to put up some pictures of cars that I like. Some are from local shows, and two are just cool cars. Look for another “normal” update next week, but in the interim, enjoy the pictures.

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May 202015
Two Stories for Memorial Day

When a soldier travels to a place like Iraq and Afghanistan, he or she leaves behind all of the same things you and I take for granted. Families, friends, jobs, hobbies, pets…everything that makes our life good is left behind waiting for their return. Tragically, many will never come home, and some that do will never be the same.

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May 142015
Classic Wood

The Woodie is the favorite car of California Surfers, the Beach Boys, and the Griswold’s. This beautiful car has become an icon for southern California and is featured here.

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